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Subsidy starting at €17.500

€17.500 per employee. Also for self-employed entrepeneurs. 98% of our requests is approved. Need more money? We'll hook you up to the right investors.


Agency Design

Startup logo

Exactly what you want. Take a look.

Pop-up Bekijk

Tailored website

Kick-ass websites. Made to convert.

Pop-up Bekijk


Crowdsource video

Every great Startup has an interesting story to tell. Video is a perfect way to tell this story, and can be used for (crowd) funding, business presentations, or as a commercial.



"SITRAPP helps application developers with high quality market analyses, focused on their respective wishes. Reports from SITRAPP define and map your market, identify and analyze your competitors, show growth opportunities through extensive country breakdowns and validate your business model and pricing strategy. But mostly, a report from SITRAPP is an objective resource to fall back on every time you make a strategic decision.
SITRAPPs reports are made to be effective and implementable. We take our time to understand your business, analyze your market extensively and bundle all the crucial information you need into a comprehensible visualized report."

A solid foundation

The right accountants & lawyers. Sweet deals on Apple products. The best phone-deal you ever had. Free hosting. Office Space. Our network is huge and solid. If we like you we'll let you benefit.

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What's our why?

To create a new concept, we believe in the power diversity and creativity
without being afraid of sharing your ideas and visions. This inspired us to
create a new event; The Startup Boot Coffee.
Join our group at and see all departure times.

For who?

CEO's and founders of
Tech Startups in and
around Amsterdam.


Coffee on a boat.
Thursday morning
or Fridays.

What people say

" Great vibe, interesting speakers and good conversation! The weather was also good so it was a really nice way to start a friday morning, meet other entrepreneurs and do some business in a casual informal ambiance. "

Sarah from Brown Cow on Jun 19, 2015.

" Good meetup, interesting people. "

Arnoud Aalbersberg from Travel Health Group on Jul 30, 2015.

" What a great and unique event! The group was interesting and mixed with entrepreneurs from every walk of life. I will definitely be back! "

Sharon Tainsh from Locally Yours on Oct 7, 2015.

" Great way to meet other start-ups! Learn from them and extend your network in a nice way, with good coffee :-) "

Henk jan Journée from Fibeo on Oct 8, 2015.

" By far the best way to meet interesting other startups & founders in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. "

Joost from Fashionlista on Oct 9, 2015.

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Think Big.

Every euro put into your business will make you
grow harder. Especially if you spent it with us.

We have a great network of professionals,
please don’t hesitate to call us!

Board with us!


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to the captain.

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