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We believe in the power of diversity and creativity without being afraid of sharing your ideas and vision. Together, we can achieve success and we would like to help you by offering our services.


Our events enable you to connect to the start-up scene. We simply want you to enjoy yourself while doing business. The events are a great opportunity for you to network, grow businesses, learn and maybe even create partnerships. Our events differ by location, subject, attendances, even the beverages change. In a word, it never gets boring.


A helping hand doesn’t hurt. We have a great network and together we are able to accomplish success. Being part of our network means that you can develop cooperation when you need to. Our network is broad and exists of a wide range of specialists like developers, marketers, possible partnerships and more.


There is a big change that you have the right to receive a subsidy, starting at €17.500 per employee. However, acquiring this subsidy is highly difficult and takes lot of time. We are experienced in the procedure with a success rate of 98% and are more than happy to help you out. Please, do not hesitate contact us!

Training & coaching

As a startup entrepreneur, you want to able to present yourself and your company worthy. We want to teach you how to pitch as a legend and network like a king. Are you interested? Send us un email and we will fill you in with the details.


During our 5 years of events and helping people with subsidies we met allot of investors. We can connect you to the right investor with some pitch training as well.

Growth Strategies

We recognize that a lot of entrepreneurs are having a hard time finding the right person to grow certain way. We want to help you with funding or strategy for the next 12 to 24 months!

I entered the start- up industry with one goal: To connect like- minded business people by inviting all start- up founders and CEO’s to my network. The idea behind this goal is that in order to grow a business, I believe in the power of diversity and creativity without being afraid to share your ideas and vision.

Today I have a big network of specialists, which is still growing. In order to expand my network quickly, I decided start organizing events where like-minded business people can connect with each other and grow their business. There is a big offer in events, but after entering a lot of them, I noticed that these events do not encourage people to start connecting. Even I, a guy who always has something to say, was wondering around the bar during the events, awkwardly searching for someone to present by business card to. This is what has brought me to the idea of Startup Boot. Together with 11 friends, we bought a boat which I use to network while cruising around the canals. Soon it was proven to me that when attendants are on the boat and no one can leave, they automatically start connecting. Now, a few years later, I have a big network, organized many events on boats, bikes and on inspiring locations and successfully helped out a lot of entrepreneurs with my company services or those of the many specialists in my network. Now you know my story, I would like to know yours! See you soon,

Career Opportunities

We are growing with events, subsidy-, growth-, funding- and dream exit clients. Do you want to help us become bigger and think Startup boot can be your next step send me an email nick@startupboot.nl

Growth hacker
Sales/ account manager
Marketing specialist

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